Brishana's Story

As an ambassador for the Niroga Institute, a non-profit for community health, I am inspired by the graduates of its training programs. It makes my heart smile to share this story of transformation:

When Brishana was just two years old, her mom was murdered near her home. She took comfort in being “daddy's girl” for a while, but he passed away when she was nine. She was too young to process the loss of her parents and by the age of 18 she said, "I experienced a state of depression and was even paranoid at times, as well as having anxiety attacks. I was working a full-time job, living on my own, and providing for myself. I was trying so hard every day to keep myself up, wanting to be okay, still trying to meet all the outside deadlines when really I just needed a space to rest and just be with what I was going through." With the support of the Niroga community, Brishana was able to find that space, and her life shifted. 

The following video shows Brishana's metamorphosis, finding her resilience through yoga and bringing it back to her community as an Integral Health Fellow with Niroga Institute. Committed to changing the face and zip code of yoga, Niroga has developed the Integral Health Fellowship program to provide financial scholarships and community teaching opportunities to those with financial need.  

Yoga can be a path to healing and empowerment, and financial need should not be a barrier to those who desire to walk that path. Let me know if you’d like to learn more or support Niroga. 

A Life Transformed Through Yoga: Brishana's Story