School's Out! Mindfulness In!

Now that the school year is over, Bay Area yoga and mindfulness non-profit, Niroga Institute, is reviewing program evaluations from their work in the schools.

When an entire elementary school shares their experience with the practice, it’s pretty sweet. The pieces of daily work come together, offering a glimpse at a bigger picture of the impact of mindfulness. Niroga's Transformative Life Skills curriculum teaches mindfulness to support youth in strengthening social and emotional awareness. 

This photo is just a small peek into the impact that their work has had on the lives of the youth they work with, yet it is clear that providing opportunities for social and emotional learning can open doors for these kids. They develop coping skills to address anxiety, anger, sadness, instability, and other life stressors. They learn tools to bring ease and balance to the body and the mind. 

These practices go far beyond the class room; they're useful in everyday situations and when stress is high. Summer's here, school's out, but life continues, and these youth have skills to handle whatever it may bring. They have the power to identify their feelings and thoughts, to self-soothe, and then to choose how to act and interact. Niroga's work in the schools is empowering youth to find balance in their own bodies, minds and communities.  

Follow along with this video to expierence the simplicity of the practice:  

Learn more about their inspiring work: