I am a Yoga4Niroga Ambassador. 

What is Niroga?

Niroga Institute, a Bay Area nonprofit founded in 2005, is changing the face and zip code of yoga, making the practice truly accessible to all. Niroga shares mindful yoga with those in underserved communities such as schools, the justice system, rehabilitation centers and more. Their mission is to cultivate healthy communities, compassionate schools and peaceful neighborhoods, one breath at a time. With a focus on children and youth, Niroga Institute serves nearly 2,000 students every week.

I am a Yoga4Niroga Ambassador because I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal, and that self-care and community are central to healing whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Yoga provides incredible healing tools that can be used by everybody, and privilege should not be a prerequisite to learning and practicing tools to achieve a healthy mind, body, and community. I believe that deep healing and sustainable health can stem from sharing mindfulness practices with groups where members of the communities are empowered to teach, speak, and share their truths. I align myself with Niroga’s mission and work and desire to bring Mindful Yoga to as many people as possible!

You can learn more about their work at