Student responses to practicing yoga with Elizabeth

Curious what to expect from yoga? Here is some feedback from students: 

Elizabeth is light, and love, and joy! She is the type of yoga instructor one yearns for. As a new yoga student, at age 53, I found Elizabeth to be blessedly kind, peaceful, and full of a wonderful inner joy. Classes were a pleasure to come to and we always left feeling better, relaxed, and at peace. During every class Elizabeth remained eager to completely pour herself into us, into our well being, into our growth, into our enlightenment. Very good teachers know how to easily convey material to their students. Elizabeth explains poses very well, and conveys a deep love of yoga. I've seen her deal beautifully with new students as well as those who have been in the study for many, many years. Your life will expand for having known her.

Gail D.

I have taken yoga classes on and off for twenty years. Yoga has been many things to me in that time... When I moved back to Berkeley in 2015, I lucked into taking Elizabeth's hatha class at Addison Yoga Loft on a whim. I've been taking her classes ever since. Elizabeth is a special instructor: her sequences flow naturally, each class has a smooth arc, she incorporates chanting and teachings from the Yoga Sutras, she always asks the class if anyone has any requests prior to starting in. She brings just the right mix of warmth, humor, sensitivity, confidence, and clarity of vision to her classes. There's no affectation or facade with Elizabeth; she gives one the sense that she is fully herself in her role and this creates a feeling of openness and togetherness among all in the room. Elizabeth is aware that yoga classes mean different things to me on given days: sometimes I have a specific injury I'm trying to work out, some days I need to move gingerly and slow everything down in general and move at a different pace; from Elizabeth, I always feel full support to go at my speed and use the time in the way that feels most helpful to me on that given day. 

Neal M.

The yoga you taught me has kept me healthier and uninjured while increasing my training volume and energy level in competitive epee fencing. As a veteran fencer who just turned 50, I know it is not uncommon to be fencing injured all the time, but I haven’t had that problem since adding yoga to my routine. Your great attitude, love for yoga and the kindness you show your students is awesome! I'll be back for more. Namaste!

Arejas U.

I look forward to Friday morning yoga at Kala with my co-workers and the Kala community. Elizabeth skillfully guides us through an hour of both new and familiar poses. Each week I feel my balance and core strength improving while feeling a sense of calm and possibility.

Ellen L. 

I decided to finally try yoga because I knew that I had to seriously consider that my aging and well-used body needed consistent care. Now I laugh more. I am calmer. My heart is more open. I am happier. I have had lots of releases of sadness and anger. I feel different or perhaps more like Melody than I have in the last 5 years. I have become more aware of what my body needs and how to provide it through the asanas. I really like how the spiritualness of yoga has affected me and my day to day life. The chantings, the stories, the classes based upon a sutra or the yamas/niyamas, these have helped me to embrace a spiritual aspect to life again. I used to feel self-conscious but now I look forward to the opening/closing chants in class. You are full of life and light, and you have got a spark in your eyes! You are calm, grounded and present. You like to laugh. You listen. You accept students where they are right now. You are present and grounded. You introduce students to the spirit of yoga. You are light-hearted and funny.

Melody C. 

You are certainly one my favorite yoga teachers of all time. The main thing that comes to mind is that you are very caring and intentional with your students. By that I mean that you always make sure to greet and talk to every single student in class, thereby making everyone feel noticed, included and welcome. This is something I very much appreciate in a yoga teacher, because on the other spectrum is a yoga teacher not even knowing your name, and I think that is counter to the whole idea of yoga. It's probably a very personal thing, but I hate going to large yoga classes where there is no interpersonal connection. You always seem to be very present, which in turn allows me to feel more present and mindful during and after class. Your themes of class are also great - it again helps build one's own mindfulness practice, and usually strikes a chord with something that may have happened that week or day. It also gives me something to take home with me, something that stays and that I can work on. You also take individual needs into consideration, and ask what people would like to work on on a particular day. What brings me to yoga is trying to be my true self and finding that inner balance, finding the power of knowing that everything I need is inside of ourselves.

Marie K. 

Thank you so very much for making this retreat possible for me! The last few days have been a great way to let go of my grief, be still, enjoy the company of wonderful women, and practice yoga and mediation - all in the peaceful setting. I’m truly blessed to have met you.

Eileen T.

I come to Elizabeth's classes to improve my personal practice of yoga. In Therapeutic Yoga, I remember poses and positions I can use later to help relieve stiffness and stress I carry in my shoulders and back from sitting at a desk all day. Having an hour or so set aside for yoga reminds me to pay attention to the things that are happening in my body. This is a mindfulness I can carry throughout the week. Elizabeth is warm and welcoming to her students. She is helpful before and after yoga classes if you have questions about your practice! 

Amber H.